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May 19, 2019, 08:50:34 AM
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Author Topic: NERO ATL 2019 playtests  (Read 92 times)

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NERO ATL 2019 playtests
« on: March 01, 2019, 10:04:01 PM »
Complete descriptions of the playtests being concidered by NERO Atlanta for the 2019 season are available at

The following new playtests have been approved as written for the 2019 season
Arcane Delivery Type Playtest v1.0
NERO LARP Properties v1.0
NERO LARP Workshops v1.0.1
NERO LARP 9th ed. Foam Weapons Playtest 2014 v1
Unified Refitting Playtest v1.0

The following playtests have been rejected as written for the 2019 season
Base 10 Celestial Playtest v1.0
Arcane Bolt Alteration Playtest v1.0
NERO LARP maneuver playtest v1.1 2012
NERO LARP slash five playtest v1.3 2012
PvE Celestial Playtest v1.0

In addition, the local playtest below has been approved for NERO ATL for the 2019 season

Scrollmaking & Potionmaking Playtest v1.0
Updated February, 2019
Authored By NERO Atlanta Plot Committee
Approved By Ryan Massey 
Scroll-making and potion-making skills are underutilized while Mages feel underpowered. 
The objective of this playtest is to boost the effectiveness in battle and after of casters and healers who utilize Scrolls and Potions, while simultaneously increasing the in game value of these production items.
Under this playtest, characters with the Scroll-making and/or Potion-making skills will be able to craft at normal cost and methodology damage dealing scrolls and healing potions which do twice their normal value. While their effectiveness is doubled, their duration is halved. This change will be reflected only on the tags of production items created within/by NERO Atlanta starting in 2019. All preexisting production items will retain their original values and duration.


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