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September 20, 2018, 10:26:54 AM
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Author Topic: NERO Atlanta 2019 Staff Positions  (Read 56 times)

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NERO Atlanta 2019 Staff Positions
« on: August 17, 2018, 07:59:38 PM »
Hey everybody,
Here is your staff line up for the 2019 and remaining 2018 Season.
Our current Plot Staff will continue running their story lines for the remainder of the season with their positions unchanged, however we have made the decision to begin rolling out our 2019 story early and as such have decided to bring in the new staff in its entirety as necessary to implement the high level of story we have planned.
We will be starting with our main or "A" storyline at the September event which will be a full production level plotline with intensive costuming, environmental props and will be run in "real time" as an immersive set of encounters. There will be little to no marshal narration. We are confident this will be the level of experience most of you have been looking for at other games and we are all very excited to be able to produce this for you. We are starting early to be able to provide a more complete story than we could otherwise be able to roll out in a single season.

Here is your Staff for 2019 (end of 2018)

Owner-Ryan Massey
General Manager- Kevin "Carlton" Smith
Props and Environment Staff- Becca Smith, Salvatore Insingna, Ashley Gray
Props Maintenance- AJ Medlin, Alexa Arnold
Tavern- Caro Tidwell
New Player Safety- Richie Adams
New Player Committee- Salvatore Insingna, Ashley Gray, Richie Adams, Curtis Tidwell
Monster Town and "C" Story- Chuck Taylor, Sherrie Taylor
Nobility Plotline and Issues- Ryan Massey
Logistics- Vikki Delbridge
Disciplinary and Adjudications Committee- Ryan Massey, Kevin Smith, Curtis Tidwell, Richard Quinn
"A" and "B" Story Staff-
Ryan Massey, Richard Quinn, Richie Adams, Kim Adams, Sherrie Taylor, Chuck Taylor, Justin Taylor, Curtis Tidwell, Alex Roberts, Salvatore Insingna, Ashley Gray.

We are still in need of Full Time NPCs and "D" Story writers. If interested please contact us!

Ryan Massey

~Sir Idrahil Araman-Aviel
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