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March 24, 2019, 05:06:41 AM
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Author Topic: A message for all my friends from one of the guys that built NERO Atlanta.  (Read 160 times)

Offline Mickey Weddington

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Hello everyone! There seems to be much going on that is frustrating and aggravating to many of us. I understand how you feel, I have been there on both sides of this coin. It was unpleasant no matter which “side” I was on.
Back in the late 90’s we were given instructions by National plot and the owner of NERO National to destroy and reset all magic items in the game. Everyone was upset, even me. They told us to do this with not in-play reasoning. We had to make it up on our own. So, I created the “Black Wind” that swept through the countryside and wiped out all magic items. I attached the “Black Wind” to Tyrangel’s past and “BOOM” we had a plotline. It wasn’t the greatest plotline in the beginning, but it turned into a great recurring plotline that has affected the lives of many characters since then. That’s where a prominent character got the “Blackwind” in their name. But I digress.
Players were “up in arms” over this whole thing, they threatened to never play again (some did quit), some said I’m never giving NERO my money again, I’ve heard them all. Some were idle threats and others were promises. I was unhappy for my friends and for myself. It was a horrible situation. I was making in-play decisions based solely on badly timed or badly considered out-of-play decisions. I was furious that I had to do this. I was angry at National and angry at some of my friends for blaming me for what was going on. It was a mess.
But I realized that it didn’t matter where the decision came from or why. All that mattered was my friends and the game we created. I did my best to make it fun. Eventually great plotlines came about from them and people had amazing adventures. Somewhere along the way people forgot about playing the game and focused on collecting stuff. But I reminded them that no one remembers the stuff they carried with them or collected in their boxes, but they do remember the army of lizardmen they faced down outside the tavern and getting swallowed by their pet Dragon Turtle or the Lich that you distracted with your Gypsy ways so that the town could escape his undead forces and free the spirit of a child trapped in a burial mound. They remember the adventures that you’ve had and the battles you’ve survived. Very few people remember when you received the paper that confirmed that you were a noble, but they remember what you did to impress the Kingdom, to get there. That is what this game is about, the adventure. We are adventurers and with the help of our friends we delve into the darkness where sensible people dare not travel. We face down the would-be conquerors of our fair lands and stand up to the potential warlords that threaten the innocent people that make up our glorious kingdom. No villain may threaten what we hold dear without us answering their call. No farmer’s daughter will ever be taken by goblins and not be rescued. Fifi will be found.
What I’m saying is yes, you have every right to be upset about what is going on right now with the game. I am upset. But we can still have fun, we can still play the game, we can still be a bunch of friends having a blast beating each other up with plumbing supplies over a hot and sweaty summer weekend. Its going to be ok because its us. It’s always about us.
I can’t wait to see you guys again. I miss you so much.


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