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July 20, 2018, 05:58:14 PM
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Author Topic: Opening Ceremonies June 2017 - Please Read!!  (Read 145 times)

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Opening Ceremonies June 2017 - Please Read!!
« on: June 19, 2017, 07:41:29 PM »

Dragon Isles: The End of the Grand Masquerade
We want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us for our third event. We have been fortunate enough to have a lot of people step up to help make this endeavor happen. A special thank you to those that have helped with not just story but also props, logistics, and costuming. We hope you enjoy what we run for you and have some great war stories to tell after the event. I feel it is important to take this chance and explain a couple of details about the campaign. You have traveled across the ocean to a group of islands called the Dragon Isles where things are just different here. The land is protected and being rebuilt by a group of undead called the Court of the Vigilant who have extended invitations and hospitality to others to come help rebuild the isles. Now our story takes us to the center point of where it all began in a little town called Baile. This is the very center point of where Nimik and his minions of the Celestial Dawn tore a hole in our reality to the Outside. Which set us on a path to this very moment. What does life look like after such a traumatic event has occurred and how do people recover?  Enjoy 

In Game all the time:
We understand that sometimes conversations can move from IP to OOP, but if one of us staff people hears you doing it, we will steer you back to IP Ė not because we want you to be quiet or arenít interested in what you have to say, but we donít want anyoneís immersion to be ruined. The only exception is when there is a medical issue or a marshal hold is called.

Monster Shift Raffle
 We have decided to try something a little different this event when it comes to incentivize NPC time. We have reached out to a couple of talented crafters to have them create prize items. For the May event, Nero Atlanta will issue a raffle ticket for every two hour shift spent monstering or tavern work. The raffle ticket will be given at the end of a shift. At the end of the event we will hold the raffle at closing ceremonies. To give you an idea of some of the items that will be raffled off:
-An ultralight long sword made by Kim Whitehead.
-In-game items ranging from a magic item to gold in your bank.

If you have not signed up for a shift please sign up with logistics or seek out Shane Wiley or Luke Gray.
Summer Armor Rules will be in effect for this event.
No matter how you feel after exerting yourself and possibly still donít feel like you need to, you really do still need to stay hydrated, and weíd hate to have to call a medic to save your life because you passed out.  Thereís water and other refreshing beverages in the big spigot coolers near or in the tavern. 
Whoís Who Here at the Game?
    - Medics.  If youíre a licensed in the state of Georgia, you qualify to be a medic.  The only ones that should be responding to a medic call is either a medic you see identified here or Dave Collins. 
Please keep in mind that all of our medics are volunteer only. 
If there is a medical emergency, call a HOLD and then for a MEDIC. If you are asking IN PLAY for a HEALER, the ONLY call should be ďHEALERĒ!  If there is a call for a medic, please take a knee and be as quiet as possible so the player can be properly tended to.
 - Formal Marshals and Formal:  Darrin Myers, Kim Whitehead, Coley Harms, Shane Wiley, Trent Baker, Frog Finely, Zack Marshall, and Luke Gray will be our formal marshals for the weekend.
If you are casting something that is in dark territory, contested, or is plot directed, please find one of the marshals seen above.
Due to the unique setting of the Dragon Isles campaign, the following ritual types will automatically be contested and/or cast in Dark Territory. This is an IN-GAME mechanic, and can be changed through player actions. The following are the affected formal:

Delve History
Create High Horoscope
Dream Vision
Summon (Minor, Major, Greater, Ö) Creature

- If your ritual is not being cast in dark territory or being contested, you can choose not to have a formal marshal present. You are still required to roleplay the casting as per the formal rules. After, you can bring your scroll, components, and casterís character sheet (and the target player if applicable) to Monster Town to handle the logistics.

- Rogue Marshals:  You must have Ryan Massey, Darrin Myers, or Frog Finley to rogue any cabin, even if it is your cabin.  You cannot rogue/steal from a cabin unless one of the above staff members are with you, or that will count as you stealing OOP.

- Safety Marshal:  Jason Delbridge.  He can warn you if you are being unsafe in a situation and has the ownersí authority to remove you from a situation if you are continuing behavior youíve been warned about or are being egregiously dangerous.  If you are having issues with another player WITH REGARDS TO SAFETY, Jason is the one you should talk to. 
If you have not had all of your weapons safety checked - even if you donít think youíre going to use them, you must see Jason Delbridge, Luke Gray, and Ken Nichols.  Jason has the authority to pull you off the field if you havenít been checked.   Weapons check applies to ALL phys-reps youíve brought to the event whether or not you plan to use them during the event or not.

If you are new to the game or have not played our chapter before, please see Jason for a quick safety briefing if he hasnít done one for you. 

If you have not moved your car to the parking area, do so as soon as Opening Ceremonies are over.  Make certain you have a CURRENT parking pass hanging from the rear-view window so the Rangers donít fine us.  If you donít have one, see Dave Collins, Robin Collins, or Carol Graziani.  A pass costs 5 dollars.

 If you have the opportunity, please police packets as you go at the end of the event. It makes it easier for everyone!
If you as a player leave site without the Site Marshal looking at and approving your cabinís cleanliness and signing your character sheet, your blanket will be pulled.  If you have to leave and cannot find your Site Marshal, find either Dave Collins or another staff member to assist you.
Smoking Areas:
    - The pavilion outside the tavern
    - The back of lodges (only with IN AND OUT OF PLAY permission from inhabitants).
    - Please donít toss your unfinished cigarettes or butts on the ground.  Itís not fair to those who are allergic to cigarettes or donít smoke to have to clean up after you.  Police your trash.  Site-wide smoking privileges can be revoked.

The following are the plot staff for the weekend:
Brandon Mason
Coley Harms
Darrin Myers
Jaime DeSensi
Zack Marshall
Kim Whitehead
Luke Gray
Ryan Massey
Shane Wiley
Trent Baker
See a Staff Member if youíre having an issue with something or someone on site.  We canít help if we donít know that there is an issue.


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