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June 21, 2018, 08:23:16 AM
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Author Topic: NERO ATLANTA Position and responsibility assessment  (Read 302 times)

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NERO ATLANTA Position and responsibility assessment
« on: January 27, 2017, 02:32:54 PM »
NERO ATLANTA Position and responsibility assessment
 All Head Position have the responsibility of making sure they have adequate personal at each event or function of NERO AT

    Owners: Ryan Massey / David Collins
      Secure locations for Events
      Determining the number of events per calendar year
      Provide financing and resources necessary for the running of NA
      Determine Budgeting for Events and season
      Set pricing for events
          General Manager(s): (GM) Frog Finley
      Responsible for the day-to-day operations of NERO ATL (NA)
      Responsible for Adding and Removal of game related personal.
      Sets policy for NA, not related to financing.
      Responsible for providing NA personal with resources to accomplish their related tasks.
      Act as primary point of contact with the player and staff of NA
           Logistics: Carol G.
      Responsible for the tracking and maintaining Characters updates On the Nat DB (NDB)
      Responsible, along with Story Staff, for housing assignments for NA events.
      Responsible for arranging for Site marshals
      Responsible for creating and processing events on the NDB
      Responsible for creating, along with the GMs, policies for NA in relation to Logistics.
      Responsible for the paperwork for each event to turn into Nero NAT. and NA owners
   Story Staff: (see below)
      Responsible for creating and maintaining the In-Play environment and story.
      Responsible for coordinating with Props, logistics, rules, and GM on issues that pertain to those positions
      Responsible for responding to player inquiries of a Story nature.(FYIs, BGAs, etc)
      Responsible for keeping a written record of story lines for reference and historical records
            Rules: Ben Perry / Frog Finley
        Responsible for interpreting  The NERO rules as set by the Nat Rules Committee
         To work with Story Staff and the GM on new rules and policy as they effect NA

     Props Manager(s): Kevin Smith (head)/ Rebecca Swanson / James Schmidt/ Chuck & Sherrie Taylor /Michael Swanson
       Responsible for the transport of props, weapons, staging material, costuming to and from events Responsible for the transport of props, weapons, staging material, costuming to and from events
                 Responsible for the loading and unloading of transport vehicles of the above material at storage locations as well at site locations
       Responsible for the maintenance and wellbeing of above mentioned materials.
       To work with Story Staff in providing props needed for stories of the event
       To work with Story staff on the locations areas to be set up, and in turn broken down, for use during an event.   

         Marketing: Marie Jackson
           Responsible for creating and maintaining our presents on various social media streams.
This includes working with the Photography group to add photo to these media outlets 

            Photography team Jodi Becker / Daphne Johnson / Josh Harden (additional photographers Kat Kahlon and Charles Bailey)                               
                Responsible for keeping a photographic record of events and players of our events.
                Responsible for making the above records available to our website and available to the marketing team for use on social media within two (2) week after the ending date of the event which they were taken
                Responsible for maintaining the privacy of those players that have asked their photographs not be made public.
                Responsible for helping the Props team keep a photographic record of available props and costuming for Story staff..

             Safety Marshals: Luke Grey / Ken Nichols / Jason Delbridge / Frog Finley
        To ensure that the players are adequately informed of unsafe areas on site
        Responsible for the inspection of any and all items, up to and including, weapons, spell packets, and costume pieces, that may come in direct physical contact with other players at an event.
        The direct removal of any items and/or players deemed hazardous to the safety of the NA players.
        The education of players new to NA on the proper methods of combat, in regards to safety.
              Responsible for the education of Nero combat roles to noncombatants and their guardians and have the ability to remove a noncombatant and their guardian from unsafe situations.
 Dragon Isles Staff
   Darrin Myers (head)
   Ryan Massey
   Kimberly Whitehead
   Coley Harms
   Trent Baker
   Brandon Mason
    Luke Grey
   Shane Wiley
   Zack Marshall

Tyrangel Staff
   Jason Delbridge (head)
   Vikki Delbridge
   Sam Sparks
   Frog Finley
   Rob Milby
   James Woods

 Any questions or concerns should be asked here or through PM
Thank you

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Re: NERO ATLANTA Position and responsibility assessment
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2017, 02:34:14 PM »
 man I wish this thing kept formatting correctly, sorry for teh look of teh above post



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