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October 23, 2018, 01:20:56 AM
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Author Topic: September 2016 Cabin Assignments (Subject to Change) Edited 6:48 pm  (Read 246 times)

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Here are the cabin assignments for this event.

If you have questions, please send a message to me via the "Talk to Logistics" page here:;n=12

Facebook messages will more than likely be unanswered.

Thank you very much.

Area 1

Jason Cook
Becca Mahan-Strupp
Ben Perry

Area 1 Cabin 5
Kyle Hunter
Lee Soms
Greg Apa

Area 1 Cabin 6
Alex Roberts
Roger Perry
Adrian Gallegos

Area 1 Cabin 7
Jake Bolton
Robert Milby v 2.0
Rob Milby v 1.0

Area 2

Kimberly Whitehead
Jeff Whitehead
William Goldberger
Darrin Myers
Brandon Mason

Area 2 Cabin 1
Drew Bowers
Trent Baker
Mariah Perry
Kendrick Carpenter

Area 2 Cabin 2
Jeremiah Williamson
Jacob Davis
Justin Taylor
Justin Cannon

Area 2 Cabin 3
Chris McGee

Area 2 Cabin 4
Juan Tapia

Area 2 Cabin 5

Area 2 Cabin 6

Area 2 Cabin 7

Area 3

Terry Hart
Marie Jackson
Luke Gray
Terrence Bruce
Adam Jones
Mathes Drosopolous

Area 3 Cabin 1
John Crowell
Thomas Shepler III

Area 3 Cabin 2
Kevin Smith
Rebecca Swanson
Micah Swanson
Matthew Smith

Area 3 Cabin 3
Damon Anderson

Area 3 Cabin 4
Jonathan Schneider

Area 3 Cabin 5
Andy Hairston
Sarah Hairston
Kristin Sherwen

Area 3 Cabin 6
Alchemical Guild Building
Zack Marshall

Area 3 Cabin 7
Rob Marshall
Dennis Everett

Area 4

Ryan Massey
Carol Graziani
Jodi Becker
Steve Clark
Sarah Wiley
Kenneth Wiley

Area 4 Cabin 1

Area 4 Cabin 2

Area 4 Cabin 3
Mary Goyeau
Derek Russell
Dianna Halabi
Amber Peace

Area 4 Cabin 4

Area 4 Cabin 5
Ken Nichols
Daphne Johnson

Area 4 Cabin 6
Shane Wiley
Justin Melko
Ryan McDuffie

Area 4 Cabin 7
James Schmidt

General Areas

Guild Hall/Staff Cabin
Charles Taylor
Sherrie Taylor
David Bliss

Celestial Guild Building
Richard Quinn

Victoria Delbridge
Jason Delbridge
Frog Finley
Leland Bridges
Samantha Berry
Joseph Sparks

Cooks Cabin
Dave Collins
Robin Collins
Victoria Delbridge
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Re: September 2016 Cabin Assignments (Subject to Change) Edited 6:48 pm
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2016, 08:52:46 PM »
 did you forget Vinny, katie, and james?
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