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June 21, 2018, 08:22:36 AM
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Author Topic: Campsite Clean Up Procedures for all Parks  (Read 1426 times)

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Campsite Clean Up Procedures for all Parks
« on: October 14, 2012, 05:50:15 PM »
Hey Everyone,
We have had a policy posted for a few years now and we have recently updated it to reflect the changing game. Moving forward we ask that everyone read over the new policy and familiarize yourself with it. Having moved away from Site Marshals we are instead leaving the responsibility to the inhabitants of the Lodges to help ensure the surrounding cabins and grounds are acceptable for check out. Due to the demand for Lodges we are asking that the inhabitants of them take on a few more responsibilities within the Organziation.
We have had serious issues getting people to volunteer and we have seen an increase in check out issues at the parks. I do not want to see all the good karma we have built up with the Parks go away because of the laziness of a few so we are empowering the Lodges to police their areas.

-pick up cigarette butts, and only smoke in the smoking areas. It is against the Law to smoke in a building in Georgia. The designated smoking areas are the Town Pavillion, The Tavern Patio, *IF* allowed the Porches of *SOME* cabins or lodges. 

-Cabins need to be swept thoroughly, windows and shutters closed and latched.  Lights and heat/AC should be turned off.  Indian Springs also wants us to flip the breaker to cut power to each building. Some parks require us to turn all the mattresses on their sides.

-Sinks should be cleaned, especially if you are wearing makeup.  Sites with separate bath houses usually require us to mop the floor as well. All personal items should be removed. Anything left will be thrown away. We do not keep anything we find in the bath houses.

-all packets must be picked up. This is something we have been getting lax about and have been fined for it before. 

-Garbage should be placed in bags, not left in cabin or on ground. All bags should be taken to the central trash bins for your area if available, we will pick it up later. Please do not place trash in cans or bins that do not have liners. This means that me or Dave will have to be up to our elbows in garbage at the end of the event. Please be considerate.

-tavern cups, plates, etc should never leave the tavern.

-tavern floor must be swept and mopped, so please try to check-out early so we can clean w/o tracking in more dirt. We will leave the character check out box in the front porch of the tavern after it is closed for cleaning.

-If you are in guild buildings or special cabins you are responsible for your own clean up and check out. If you abuse the feedom you and your group will lose the ability to register for these buildings.

-Modules or ARPS may require clean up! Plot Members don't forget your set ups!!!

Thank You.

~Sir Idrahil Araman-Aviel
 Duke of Tyrangel
Lord Master of Sails, Evendarrian Royal Navy
Ring bearer of Nobility


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