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June 24, 2018, 04:45:30 PM
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Author Topic: BGA's and Etc  (Read 2293 times)

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BGA's and Etc
« on: September 27, 2011, 07:16:45 PM »
Some times there may be options in which you can gain further information on things going on or even things you would like to do.

FYI- For Your Information- This is free. which lets us know what you plan on doing in between our events.  Usually for those people who don't travel or are not traveling out side of NeroAtlanta games.  Since this is free, our response will not be the most detailed nor is a response even guaranteed.

BGA - Between Game ACTION - these are not free. but they do guarantee you blankets for your characters and a  response ((more details per size)) that may have additional actions and consequences.
     - PLOTBGA-  Prewritten. information has been pre-determined.  These are typically offered at the discretion of staff for specific reasons from time to time.

     - BGA, regular: This is a plot submission explaining what a character is doing for any period of time, usually between five and thirty days. The submission is at least 5 sentences long but not more than half a page. The more specific and goal-oriented the character is, the better the response will be from plot. This costs $20 and earns your character 1 event blanket.

     - BGA, large: This is a more lengthy series of actions submitted to the plot team. This submission should be a few paragraphs in length, or longer. All of the above description for a regular BGA applies, with this alteration: a Large BGA will earn your character 2 blankets, and costs 30$. Depending on the submission, it may take the plot team a little while to write you a response.

To submit one, go here, and fill out the appropriate form. --

Offline Tryst

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Re: BGA's and Etc
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2015, 01:51:00 AM »
Paid BGAs are for when you want something tangible at the end: XP, tags (like casting formal magic), or something material. Plot is obligated to respond to paid BGAs -- That should not be interpreted as a guarantee of success of the endeavor, however.

FYI submissions are free; they cost nothing. Plot is not obligated to respond to them. As a courtesy, Plot tries to respond to them at least in acknowledgement such as, "We note that your PC is taking the actions described," if not with a richer response that may have information, hooks, or just fun in response.

Plot will tell you whether payment is appropriate for your BGA. I think the committee is usually pretty good about fair judgment here, and often that body has gone back to players and said that payment is not necessary for what they want to do. It's by no means a money-grub.

Example #1:
I'm a dark elf and I want to destroy my subterranean dwarven enemies. I sneak into their campsite with Sir Trivanus, and he casts the formal magic, "Nuke It From Orbit." We seek the total annihilation of the dwarven clan. At the end, we search their smoking corpses for loot and pocket whatever treasure is left.

This action would require payment.

Example #2:
I'm a dark elf and I want to destroy my subterranean dwarven enemies. On Thursday night before the event, I sneak into their campsite with Sneaki The Thief, and we set traps throughout the area. We seek to cause delays and confusion in the dwarven encampment when the dwarves rise to respond to the alarm when the dark elves attack at the next event.

This action would not require payment.

Example #3:
I'm a dark elf and I want to destroy my subterranean dwarven enemies. I go to Kirishai and I speak with a lore master or historian of the city. I'd like to learn more about the origins of the enmity between my people and the dwarves. I don't know much about this, so I'm not sure where to start. I'm really looking for an overview right now of general information.

This action would not require payment.

I hope this has provided some clarification and further inspiration to you for between games actions that may interest you for your character.

Trace Moriarty
Guest Writer


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