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September 24, 2017, 06:26:54 AM
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NERO Atlanta Contacts

Below you can find useful and quick forms to use should you wish to get in touch with us! Use of these forms is by far the quickest and most efficient method by which you can drop us a line. You can also be assured that the people who need to know about your message, will, and those who don't won't :-)

Clicking on each link will open a new window leading directly to the form in question, and forum registration / login is required.

Please note that the staff list will be updated as staffing teams change.

Event Feedback - BGA - Character History - Estate Submission Forms

Send a Message to Nero Atlanta Owners

Send a Message to Tyrangel Campaign Director / Plot Team

Send Plot a Mod/Encounter

Send a Message to Logistics --- This is for Nero Atlanta logistics only. Players from other chapter should contact their own logistics team for help with character related items.

General Staff

Ryan Massey ~ Owner
David Collins ~ Owner
Vincent Munro ~ General Manager
Robyn Collins ~ Tavern Mistress
Ben Perry ~ WebSite Admin & Rules Marshal
Frog Finley ~ NatLogistics & General Marshal
Vikki Delbridge ~ Housing Coordinator
Carol Graziani ~ Logistics
Kevin Smith ~ Props
Rob Marshall ~ Estate System Manager
Jason Delbridge ~ Safety Marshall
Luke Gray ~ Safety Marshall

Tyrangel Campaign

Vincent Munro ~ Campaign Director
Frog Finley ~ General Marshal
Victoria Delbridge ~ Plot
Charles Bailey ~ Plot
James Wood ~ Plot
Joey Sparks ~ Plot
Sam Berry ~ Plot
Mickey Weddington ~ Plot
Katie Clayton ~ Plot
Jason Delbridge ~ Monster Town
Vikki Delbridge ~ Monster Town 


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