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May 29, 2020, 01:54:24 AM
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Please note in the Optional Message Box what the payment is for!

Remember to submit your Pre-Registration Form for a discount! 

2019 Event Dates 

January 18-20 Tyrangel                       Claremont House RP Parlor 
February  Tyrangel                             A.H. Stephens State Park     Full Event 
March 22 - 24 Tyrangel A.H. Stephens State Park                            Full Event
April 12-14  Tyrangel A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event
June 7-9 Tyrangel -Fellmist Centennial Anniversary A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event
July *One Day* Tyrangel Rockhill Castle Social One Day
August *One Day* Tyrangel Rockhill Castle One Day
September 6-8 Tyrangel A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event   
November 8-10 Tyrangel A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event   



Full Event at the Door:    $65.00
Pre-Registered Only:    $60.00
Pre-Registered AND Prepaid:    $55.00
PreRegistered Chapter Owners, National Staff, Atl Staff:   $35.00 - No Further Discounts  

One Day Event Pricing: $30.00 pre-registration $35.00 ATD- Food and refreshments provided. Parking $5.00 pay to the park directly.

Multi-Event Pricing for 2018 Season. $299.00- INCLUDES admission to all 8 regular weekend events plus our Winter Court One Day Event (Date TBA). Food and Parking *Not* included.

**NEW Player Event pricing Policy for 2018 and beyond:  A "New" player is one of the following three things.  1) A person who has never LARPed before. 2) A person who has never played NERO before. 3) A person who has not played NERO Atlanta since July 1 2007.    Discount does not apply to Parking or Food

Tavern fee (includes all food for the weekend): $25
Tavern fee for Staff and Full Time Monsters (includes all food for the weekend): $15

Parking Fee for ALL vehicles: $5 - State Parks require a Weekend Parking Pass. You can purchase them from us for $5 when you check in.

Payment Options include paying via PayPal or check. To pay via PayPal, please use the button above and be sure to fill out exactly what you are paying for in the Merchant Optional Notes, making note of the event, your name, and any extra fees, such as for food that you are adding in.

Veteran Players who bring a "New" Player to the game will receive the Discounted Admission (Staff) Price on the "New" Players 2nd Event Attended. Both Players must PreRegister to be eligible for this.  You may not combine multiple discounts in one event.  There is no limit to how many times a year you can do this.

If paying by check, please make checks payable to:

NERO Atlanta
122 *EAST* Lauren Court
Fern Park, Fl. 32730

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