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July 25, 2017, 08:39:37 AM
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Event Schedule

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2017 Event Dates


January 20-22 Special Event Claremont House RP Only Event
February 18 Tyrangel Pickets Mill - Get parking pass at gate! One Day - $25
March 17-19 Dragon Isles - Official Opener A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event
April 28-30 Tyrangel - Official Opener F.D. Roosevelt State Park Full Event
May 19-21 Dragon Isles A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event
June 23-25 Dragon Isles F.D. Roosevelt State Park  Full Event &nbsp
July 21-23 Tyrangel A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event
September 29 - Oct.1 Tyrangel A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event
October 20-22 Dragon Isles A.H. Stephens State Park Full Event
November 17-19 Tyrangel Indian Springs Full Event


Full Event at the Door:    $65.00
Pre-Registered Only:    $60.00
Pre-Registered AND Prepaid:    $55.00
New Player Discount for First Event:   $40.00
PreRegistered Chapter Owners, National Staff, Atl Staff:   $35.00 - No Further Discounts

*Please note that the commitment to work is actually two hours within one of the five hour timeslots.  Your commitment can be filled within that five hours any way you like, but must be coordinated within your timeslot with plot/staff,etc.  Timeslots are assigned on a first come, first claimed basis.  You will have an opportunity on the PreReg form to choose a secondary timeslot in case the first you chose is full.

Tavern fee (includes all food for the weekend): $25
Tavern fee for Staff and Full Time Monsters (includes all food for the weekend): $15

Parking Fee for ALL vehicles: $5

State Parks require a Weekend Parking Pass. You can purchase them from us for $5 when you check in.Payment Options include paying via PayPal or check. To pay via PayPal, please use the button above and be sure to fill out exactly what you are paying for in the Merchant Optional Notes, making note of the event, your name, and any extra fees, such as for food that you are adding in.

If paying by check, please send a check made out to:
Nero Atlanta
237 Geoffrey Lane SE
Oxford, GA 30054 

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