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Marie's Guide To Getting The Most Out of NERO

Submitted By: Katie Downey Date: June 15, 2011, 02:09:00 PM Views: 2022

Written by: Marie Jackson (06/01/2010)

I get accused a lot of wanting to bring back the "good old days."  While I'll admit to a certain nostalgia, those days are gone.  I do miss the feel of the game.  When I started playing the game was different, the players were different, the world was different.  Some things have certainly changed for the better.  Some things not so much.  Change happens slowly but it needs direction.   With that in mind, I've written this to show others how to get the most out of this game that I love.  Take all of my suggestions nor none of them, but know that, like life, in NERO you get out what you put in.

NERO Atlanta is a business.
 The state parks we use are not free and maintaining  even the most basic props and costuming takes money.  When you pay for your event, all you are guaranteed is a bed and a blanket.  Plot will try to entertain you, along with everyone else on site.  However sitting at your cabin or in the corner of the tavern all weekend waiting for plot to come to you will garner few if any results.
NERO is run by volunteers.
Plot, logistics, tavern, monsters, all of these people donate their time and energy to make the game better.  Be one of them!  Do your two hours Monstering instead of complaining that it's slow.  Donate props, or prop making supplies to the game.  Printer paper, ink cartridges, craft foam, string lights, rope lights, costuming, packets; all this and more are needed to help the game run.  Give what you can, make what you can, be a part of the game, not just a player.

Be proactive!
Get out there and meet people.  Talk, introduce yourself, offer to help.  Make yourself noticed.  Make friends, make enemies, do something.  Socialize in game and out with other players, it builds the since of community that makes a NERO chapter thrive.

Even if you are sitting around chatting, stay in game.  Talk aobut your character's childhood, or the adventure you just went on, or the time you head-butted a dragon.  But please don't talk about work, or the ballgame, or the series finale of Lost.  Talking out of game is contagious and spreads quickly.  NERO is a roleplaying game, and sometimes, in your role, you'll have to make small talk.  With practice it comes very easily.  Staying in game is much easier if the atmosphere of your surroundings is good.  Decorate your cabin, wear good costuming, set the table for dinner at the tavern.  The more effort you put in, the more you'll inspire others to do the same.  Cabin decorating is easy  to start.  Use sheets and a blanket instead of a sleeping bag.  Making your bed totally transforms your cabin from the place you sleep during events to the place your character sleeps. [img="gallery/841_21_07_10_5_39_52_0.jpg"[/img]
Bring candles or battery operated lights and use them instead of the overheads in your cabin.  Natural lighting looks so much better, more period (even if it is coming from led lights) than bright overheads.  Also, the overheads are out of game lighting.  They are too bright to be a Light spell.  You can hit Thrift Stores and ebay for good cheap props for your cabin.  Basic cloth can be used for curtains with a tension rod or push pins.  Do NOT use nails.  The rangers frown on us nailing things to the walls.  But you can go far with push pins, curtain rods and fishing line.  Sure it's easier to bring a sleeping bag and a duffel bag for clothes, maybe a cooler for drinks.  But it's lacking in style.  And style matters. 

Part of that style is in the spirit of the rules.
Everyone plays a slightly different game.  NERO, any larp really, is too personal for us not to do so.  Some people like the political game, some like the combat, some just love to roleplay, some
find making gold to be the be all end all.  Whichever game you play, the rules govern all of us.  The spirit of these rules is what makes it possible for all these types of games to be played at once.  Parts of the rules are commonly broken, their spirit battered and abused.  We all do it at one time or another.  We use a potion without a physrep, we walk through a Ward when our cabinmates are sleeping, we leave spirit linked/locked items behind.  There's no quick fix.  Only slow correction and gentle reminders.  And it's hard.  Do you let your character die because the person feeding you a potion doesn't have a rep?  Do you sleep in the woods because you can't get in your Ward?  Do you take your spirit linked sword into the shower with you?  No, we're not there yet.  I hope we never are, but the only way to correct these minor issues that build into major ones is to lead by example.  Use a potion physrep.  Wake your cabin mates to get in the Ward.  Take your gear to the bath house with you.  Be in game all the time, decorate  your cabin, roleplay your race properly, live the adventure and watch asthe atmosphere around you changes.

So there you have it. 
Marie's Guide to Playing NERO.  Feel free to post your own ideas and
suggestions.  Remember, we play this game together.

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