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Nero Atlanta Forum Use Policies

Submitted By: Katie Downey Date: June 15, 2011, 01:43:00 PM Views: 1208

This is a direct copy of the forums use policy that National has suggested for adoption, and NEROAtlanta has opted to adopt.  Note that other chapters may not necessarily adopt this policy for their own sites.  Nero Atlanta has further modified the original to clarify the spirit and intent of the policy.

The Intent:
The intent of the In-Play and Out-Of-Play forums is to foster the well being, communication, and growth of the community.
Rules of Accordance:
Any use of the In-Play and or Out-Of-Play boards, regardless of hosting, usage, or origination are to abide by the following rules and courtesies.

    * No personal attacks / racial slurs / excessive obscenity / etc meant to demean or hurt another player and/or staff
    * No Flame Wars
    * No anonymous posting
    * No posting as alts unless the alt is an actual character and it is clear that you are posting as *that* alt
    * No unsigned post

Additional Notes:
If players want to post information that is derogatory towards a player publicly, then the player should do so in play.  I.E.  If your character wants to post a letter in the town protesting the way another player-character acts, then physically do so at an event.  While at an event, it is feasible for people to catch you in the act whereas in the digital age it is impossible to represent this act while keeping with the in-play environment of the game.  While we at National do understand that barring and or restricting the use of the In Play and Out of Play boards will be viewed by some as a negative policy, it is our belief that in order to maintain the integrity and character of the game these rules must be maintained and adhered to.  There is not a completely fair way to moderate the boards or to facilitate/mimic the use of a real message post. 
Use of the In Play and Out of Play boards on a chapter's site is a direct and public representation of the NERO International business, and as such must be treated in a manner that reflects positively upon the Nero Organization.  The boards are a courtesy and privilege and with that come responsibility. 
The use of NERO characters and this policy only extends to NERO Sanctioned boards and thus does not extend to private boards hosted by private In Play or Out of Play organizations.

To clarify, to post in the IP boards, the limit is one posting account per played character.  If your alt / character is *not* on the books or in the national database, then do *not* create an alternate posting account for an imaginary character.  If you have been given permission from Plot / Staff to create a posting account for an NPC, please make *sure* you have written approval from said Staff/Plot person.

You can not speak IG unless you have a persona from which to do it.  This can be tricky as we can't always know who is on someone's books as a character since not everyone uses the national DB.  Conversely if a new player had mapped out their character and was going to play at an upcoming event but hadn't had a chance to get on the books yet we probably wouldn't take issue with that either. 

Ultimately, it comes down to this:  When posting OOG, don't be a jerk.  When posting IG make sure you do so in a manner where others have the opportunity to react and respond at an actual event to the actual character that did the posting.

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