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October 20, 2020, 04:25:37 PM
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Harvested Items Rules

Submitted By: Katie Downey Date: June 15, 2011, 01:34:00 PM Views: 1018

We have items in our game that can be harvested during an event, also called "collectables" or "scavengers" by staff. 

Sometimes they are components, sometimes they are evaluate items, and sometimes they are alchemy ingredients.  They are repped by a craft foam design attached to a Popsicle stick, stuck in the ground around the campsite.  We haven't yet done this, but they will soon also have an item number and description written on the stick.  In order to be able to use these items IG, you need to bring them to MT and exchange the rep for a tag.  Or you can put them in your check-out envelope and receive the tags next event.

We've put a lot of these items out, but have not been getting back the reps for them.  Which is probably because someone picked them up and thought- "what the heck is this?"  Please return the reps and get your tags.  From what we've seen people love going out for a walk and encountering collectables.  However if the reps are not returned we cannot put out any more.

Our staff likes to encourage and reward players who go looking for trouble.  So if you ever see something "odd" at a state park which you think might be a Nero item/ prop/ mod card but you are not sure, please find a marshal and ask.  Most of these things will probably be made from craft foam OR marked with a pink ? or !.

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