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Production Labs and Forges

Submitted By: Katie Downey Date: June 03, 2011, 10:58:00 AM Views: 1156

A workshop is used to allow a player to double their base production for a weekend (see Nero 9th ed Rulebook)

Each of our Guilds also has labs available to the first 10 players who send in pre-reg.  You must be a member of the guild to use this resource.  Membership in the Guilds can be researched/ paid for IG during events.  You may also purchase your own workshop deed through the Guild leadership at events.  Workshops are intended to be a between-game resource and for pre-reg production.

A workshop is skill based, meaning you cannot use an alchemy lab for smithing.  Workshops are not portable and are chapter based.  A player that owns a workshop within the chapter will be able to access it for pre-reg production or during check in no matter where the workshop is located. It is assumed the character went to the workshop and then traveled to the IG event location.

When purchased a workshop will last a year, after which an upkeep cost of half the purchase price must be paid each year to keep the workshop viable. Upkeep for up to 4 years can be paid in advance, and a workshop tag will never last longer than 5 years. ex: if Bedwin wants an personal alchemy lab he buys the lab in 2011 and pays 2 year of upkeep in advance. He is given a tag that will expire in 3 years: 2014. The next year (2012) his lab will expire in 2 years so he pays 3 years of upkeep, he is given a new tag with a new issued date of 2012 and expiration date of 2017, he would pay more if he could but he is at the maximum amount of upkeep he can pay.

The size of the workshop determines how many people can use it per event. 1 use means 1 person can use it to double all their production for each game day.

Personal lab/forge:  Uses: 1   Cost: 20 gold.

Small lab/forge:  Cost: 40 gold.

Medium lab/forge:  Uses: 5   Cost: 60 gold.

Large lab/forge:  Uses: 7   Cost: 80 gold.

Factory lab/forge:  Uses: 10  Cost: 100 gold.

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