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Code of Chivalry and Oaths of Nobility and Fealty

Submitted By: Tryst Date: November 07, 2011, 08:59:00 PM Views: 4021

Code of Chivalry and The Oaths of Nobility and Fealty

The Code of Chivalry
  • Thou shalt respect the weak and constitute thyself the defender of them
  • Thou shalt love the country to which thou hast sworn featly
  • Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy
  • Thou shalt make war against evil without cessation
  • Thou shalt scrupulously perform thy Noble duties be they not contrary to the Laws of the Land.
  • Thou shalt never lie and Thou shalt remain faithful to thy word
  • Thou shalt be generous and thou shalt give freely to everyone
  • Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the good and the right against injustice and evil
  • Thou shalt be courteous
  • Thou shalt be humble

The Oath of Nobility
  • I shall remain true to my King, the Crown, and the Noble Peerage.
  • I shall uphold the Laws of this Land for the good of all in the name of my King and my Country.
  • I shall defend and protect my King and my Country from all enemies within or without who would do them harm.
  • I shall honor the duties given to me by my King and those with station above mine and perform those duties to the best of my abilities and in a manner behooving my station.
  • I shall be true to my duties towards those Lands and People given to my charge and discharge my duties toward them to the fullest extent.
  • I shall treat equally and without bias in all judgments and dealings with all citizens of this Kingdom.
  • I shall honor the trusts given to me and hold in trust my right to withhold information that would be injurious to others if divulged unnecessarily.

These two Oaths are the basis for the entire Peerage of Evendarr. Both have very long histories in our Kingdom. Most of their Tenets are the same and require the same commitments from those who follow them. The difference is in the division of Nobility. Some of the Tenets of The Code of Chivalry are based in Knightly custom and reiterate what is required of their station. On the other hand those Nobles who are not Knights/ Dames cannot always uphold certain aspects of Knighthood like defending oneself in Honor Combat or they may be of other classes or professions thus they follow The Oath of Nobility. I would like to note here that even as recently as 10 years ago The Oath of Nobility was known throughout the Kingdom but fell into disuse in many parts of Evendarr. The Oath of Nobility was reintroduced a few years ago and has been officially adopted by the Kingdom of Evendarr.

The Oath of Fealty
Here do I swear by word and by deed,
Fealty and service to the Crown and the Kingdom of Evendarr,
To speak and to be silent,
To come and to go,
To strike and to spare
To do and to let be,
In such matters as concern my Liege;
On my honor,
And the lawful command of my liege,
In need or in plenty,
In peace or in war,
In living or in dying,
From this hour henceforth,
Until my Liege surrender his Lands,
final death take me,
Or Tyrra ends.
So say I, [name]

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