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The Nobility and Courts of Tyrangel

Submitted By: Date: November 19, 2010, 07:08:00 PM Views: 6269

The Principality of Fellmist is a principality of the Kingdom of Evandarr, and thus abides by The Law of Evandarr. There are also some specific Laws of Tyrangel. The nobility charged with upholding these laws and protecting the people can be found below.

Principality of Fellmist
Prince Simon Saxony Black
Colors: Or (Gold), Azure (Blue), Purpure (Purple) and Ermine Argent (White Ermine)
Crest: Azure, a sun rising Or, a per chevron inverted Ermine Argent, a pily Purple.

Lady Rosalind Frederick: Seneschal
Sir Chadim, Knight Paramount
Sir Ian, Principality Knight
Lord Alexander Huntington, Viscount of the Interior for Tyrangel, Ignavis and the Sutherlands
Lord Seamus Turlough, Viscount of the Exchequer
Lady Candelaria, Viscount of the Guilds
Dame Tsukiko Levelhand, Knight Errant of Fellmist
Lord Garyon Wolf, Principality Magus

Duchy of Sutherlands
Duke Jubal de LaRochelle
Colors: Tawny and White.
Crest: Keep on a bendy field.

Baron Dagobert de LaRochelle: Barony of LaRochelle
Sir Robert: Seneschal of Barony of Isles d'Hoenig
Baron Reyna d'Sudbyr: Barony of Sudbyr
Baron William d'Rossanoe: Barony of Rossanoe
The Council of Three: The Sadhe

Duchy of Tyrangel
Lady Vallen Ravenhurst Tyrangel, Her Dread Grace, Duchess of Tyrangel
Sir Roderick Daleron Tyrangel, Duke of Tyrangel

Colors:  Green and white.
Crest: Tyrangel Tree of Life on a green field
Motto:  Aeterna (Eternal)

Lady Maureen Somerset, Lady of the Royal Court of Evendarr, Acting Seneschal
Sir Kali'id el Kathan ibn Scre'em Mamoun, First Dread Knight and Knight Defender of the Duchess
Sir Samael Stormwing, Dread Knight Defender of the Freedoms
Tryst, Ducal Chamberlain
FitzWilliam Mayhew, Ducal Steward
Gunter Windraven, Sheriff of Tyrangel City
Valandil Sirfalas, Court Mage
Michael Cartwright

County Araman
Lord Idrahil Aelenros Aerandir, His Dread Certainty, Count of Araman
Colors: Black and Silver.
Crest: Four silver stars (7 points) on a field of black.
Motto: Follow Me!

Sir Drekkel Sethbayne: Knight Bannerette
Sir Torrin Sethbayne: Shield-Bearer, Knight Errant
Lord Damakael Stormclaw, Lord Advisor

Barony of Faradhen
Sir Tevlos, Baron of Faradhen
Colors: Matte Black and Satin Black.
Crest: Wolf head constellation on divided field of shiny black and matte black.

Sir Talin Wyrmsteel, Knight Seneschal
Sir Joran Starstryder, First Knight
Kylou Tsuara Arimonte, Squire to Baron Tevlos

Barony of Martalya  (also the Ducal Barony)
Lady Ami Aviel, Baroness of Martalya
Colors: Blue and White.
Crest: White Unicorn head on a blue field.
Motto: Sola virtus nobilitat  (Virtue alone ennobles)

Sandrine Tarkanan, Squire to Lady Aviel
Sir Silas Marlowe, Knight Commander
Dame Kaira Marlowe, First Knight Defender
Lady Kylyn Elenath d'Eit
Jinalin "Jorza" Myron Thedren, Squire to Baroness Shangelaisse

Barony of Redawn
Lord Damian Tiberius Redawn, Baron of Redawn
Colors: Red and Black.
Crest: Gules, a chevron inverted sable, in chief a compass argent.
Motto: Nos es a prosapia in phasmatis!

Lord Martin William Redawn, Seneschal
Sir Lucas Absolon L'Annette, Knight Protector and Champion
Lady Miette Armature L'Annette, Court Savant
Lord Nicander Jasperson, Magistrate

Barony of Roquende
Lady Nihaalan Mirimė Araman-Aviel, Baroness of Roquendė
Colors: White and Red.
Crest: Party per bend argent and gules, a horse rampant Or.

Lady Cheza Fairchild, Seneschal
Sir Cypherion Grear, First Knight
Lord Daimos Namyrien Marlowe, Lord of Wincast

County Theisgate
Dame Portia Kent, Countess of Theisgate
Colors: Black, Red and White.
Crest: Black-lined Owl guardant above a red chevron on a field of white.
Motto:  Everywhere and Always

Lord Loken al-Ilkazam Tenshi Bokenjen, Seneschal
Lord Isai Willis, Lord Diplomat

Barony of Marentha
Dame Amaris Baeyear Frederick Ar-Din Blackwind, Baroness of Marentha
Colors: Red and Black.
Crest: Black Wyvern silhouette on red field.
Motto:  We will find a way or we will make one

Lady Michiko Tenshi Bokenjen, Lady Seneschal
Sir Trevor Tenshi Bokenjen, Knight Preceptor
Sir Sloan Strongwall, Knight Protector and Captain of the Baronial Guard
Seneca Desertmoon, Squire to Baroness Amaris

Barony of Stormholme
Lord Eldriel Celebrindal, Baron of Stormholme
Colors: Azure (Blue) and Or (Gold).
Crest: Or Phoenix displayed rising from Or flames on an Azure field.

Lord Ferris Beldroth, Seneschal
Sir Kith Kannan, Knight Protector
Raphael Silvercord, Squire to Sir Kannan

Barony of Wulfshire
Lord Syl Elendil, His Dread Tranquility, Baron of Wulfshire
Colors: Argent (White) and Sable (Black).
Crest: Argent, a cross parted and fretted sable

Lady Danae Morianthi Tenshi Bokenjen, Baronial Magus and High Warden of Glen Maerd
Embeth Kent,  Acting Seneschal

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