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NERO Sportsmanship Code

Submitted By: Date: August 15, 2007, 03:50:00 PM Views: 2006

All Nero Participants should:

Follow the spirit of the rules, as well as the letter of the rules.
Play fairly and honestly.
Be considerate of all other Nero participants.
Remember, everyone has the right to enjoy Nero as much as you do.
Contribute to the fun of all Nero participants.
Don't play in a style that detracts from the fun of the event, or anyone's chance to have fun at an event.

Staff, Marshals, etc...should:
Abide by the expectations that apply to all Nero participants.
It is your job to run the event. Remember, you are not playing against the players. Everyone's enjoyment of the event is your top priority.
All participants must be treated equally and equitably, by you and by other participants. Favoritism will not be tolerated.
Run events in a professional manner. Remember that you represent Nero to anyone present at an event, whether participating or observing.

Administration (National, Local, etc...) should:
Abide by the expectations that apply to all Nero participants, Staff, Marshals, etc....
Respond and communicate in a timely, respectful, and articulate manner.
Uphold the authority of your staff, and do not overrule them without careful investigation.

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