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Check In Procedure

Submitted By: Date: August 15, 2007, 03:46:00 PM Views: 1973

Upon arrival to the campsite, your first priority should be to check in with Logistics. This is where you find out what area/ room you are staying in, where to park, etc. This is also when you take the time to pay for the event and fill out any forms that our game requires.

When you come to Check-in, please bring the following:

Your character card (if on National, which you should be). If you have a Transform, your transform card must also be brought in and shown to Logistics.
Your weapon phys reps. <strong>ALL</strong> weapons and shields <strong>MUST</strong> be checked by a safety marshall.
Your armor phys rep. (This is only necessary for first-time usage, so that a staff member can assign your armor a point-value)
Real money (to pay for event, parking, tavern tab, etc) and In-Game money for production costs.

Check-in and Late check-in times will be announced on the forums before the event. If you arrive on site too late for either of these times, you have a choice: You can safety-check your weapons and then go IG as your character - and check in officially on Saturday morning; OR you can NPC for us friday night, and check-in on saturday morning. No matter what, you MUST do two things: Sign any necessary forms (like the legal release), and get your weapons checked. Usually, legal forms only need to be signed once a year, and not every event.

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