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Historical Timeline of Tyrangel

Submitted By: Tryst Date: December 21, 2013, 10:38:17 PM Views: 2000

The History of Tyrangel

There are few known accounts of events prior to the coming of the Kingdom of Evendarr to the area that is now our good County of Tyrangel, this is not intended to be a thorough history-or likely even an accurate one. These simple notes presented here are what has been gathered by some few scholars of history within the vale in these six years since the founding. It is my hope as I pen this first version of such events available to the public eye that in such days as these when discovery of Tyrangel's past is so popular a pursuit, each improvement upon this work shall bring us to a clearer understanding of the happenings around us. What is written here is a summation of events described to Baroness Veysha Durendal of the Wulfshire by Baron Arturus Bane of Marentha and information gleaned from the personal writings of Haran Roeh, Trap Maker to the Sorcerer King Drax Darshiva, and other sources. All dates are expressed in the Year of the Realm of Evendarr.

151 -- Sir Angus Tyrangel of Therendry, a pioneer with a charter to settle land southwest of the kingdom, completes the first keep in Tyrangel.
152 -- The town of Wilderwood is founded near Tyrangel Keep, and named for the untamed nature of the land as yet unconquered.
196 -- The death of Sir Angus Tyrangel is recorded. In truth, Sir Angus receives what he believes to be an order of His Majesty the King to serve Macabre. Knowing that Macabre will force him into villainy, Sir Angus disassociates himself with his family and works. The knight gives his shield to his squire, Talandas Stormbringer. Macabre transforms Sir Angus into a Death Knight. He is rumored to serve as Macabre's tactician for the next 402 years.
223 -- 72 years after its completion, Tyrangel Keep is captured. Survivors record only that they battled "dark enemies." The exact nature of these foes remains unknown.
226 -- Townsfolk of Wilderwood liberate Tyrangel Keep, only to see it fall to the Dark Enemies again in November. Survivors flee to Therendry, but offer few details for history to record.
493 -- Descendants of Sir Angus, brothers: Angus, Malcolm & Byron Tyrangel claim the family charter over Tyrangel Vale and return to Wilderwood with settlers.
495 -- The Rangers of Tyrangel are founded by Gogotaugh (sp?), possibly with the assistance of a local sorceress, Drax Darshiva. They are named simply for their habits of patrolling the local woods. The Rangers adopt the personal crest of Sir Angus Tyrangel, the white oak on the green field as their standard. Byron Tyrangel leaves Wilderwood for reasons unknown and founds a second city, Tarengir, north of his brothers. Byron adopts the name of this new settlement as his own.
497 -- Tarengir falls to the "Dark Riders," the White Hand Mercenary Company, known today as the Harbingers. At the time, Pollux was a healer in their midst, but not the company leader. It is theorized that Malcolm may have hired the mercenaries to kill his brother Byron and the townspeople that followed him.
500 -- Drax Darshiva wrests control of the Wilderwood militia from Angus. Darshiva pronounces himself, "Sorcerer King" and insists on the title. Darshiva has Angus executed, and though it is unrecorded, tales imply that Angus Tyrangel did not resurrect.
502 -- Byron Tarengir, his family and "refugees" escape to Therendry. What disaster prompted historians to use words as "refugee" and "escape" remains a mystery.
503 -- Pollux assumes control of the Dark Riders (Harbingers). Malcolm Tyrangel is invited to stay with them. The crevice where Pollux moves the Dark Riders' base is be near a pillar composed of Evil and Spirit that may be the origin point of the "dark enemies" that felled the first city of Wilderwood. Rumors claim that Pollux never cast necromancy before the Dark Riders' made their base in the canyon.
505 -- Pollux and Drax set war on each other and set rules. They each choose a race to do their fighting. Pollux teaches the barbarians necromancy. Drax chooses the Sarr.
500-510 -- The original members of the White Hand Mercenary Company begin to die. Pollux transforms many of them into undead, including a member of the Tarengir family, Richard. The Dark Riders manage to kill Darshiva, though she resurrects. Her lover, Evandolin Quintell, one of the Rangers, attempts to avenge her death. He is captured, but Pollux spares his life. Darshiva later sends Quintell to negotiate with Pollux. A battle ensues and Quintell is struck with an incurable magical disease of Darshiva's manufacture. Pollux finds Evan Quintell and urges him to accept his offer of transformation into a spectre and Evan accepts. There is no further record of Drax Darshiva's association with the Rangers after this incident.
526 -- Darshiva begins plans to build and trap a great citadel in the western mountains. The location of this citadel remains a mystery.
533 -- A great library is discovered beneath "Castle Drax." Darshiva's minions discover a wealth of books written in archaic Quentari, and Darshiva's astrologer suffers a seemingly prophetic vision. Many scholars suspect the library Darshiva's minions discovered may have belonged to another Sorcerer King, Tarlov of the Ghost Hand.
536 -- Darshiva orders his trap maker, Haran Roeh to build small supply depots throughout the vale.
542 -- The puma tribe of barbarians betrays Pollux to Drax in some way. They forsake the beliefs of their people, adopt the practice of celestial magic and depart for points unknown.
545 -- Darshiva sponsors a festival at the citadel to celebrate the Day of Tall Shadows. In attendance are the Sorcerer King Grimal'zjahar, Pollux and Harbingers, and King Muldo of the Rats. Pollux takes offense to the mention of a wedding, and starts a fight. Part of the citadel is destroyed in the process.
545-550 -- Makern, one of Darshiva's minions, is Obliterated for collaborating with Pollux.
550 -- Drax is obsessed with turning himself into an iron golem. Darshiva does not succeed, despite rumors that transformation into a golem is a common punishment in Wilderwood. Other rumors indicate Darshiva may also have been attempting to transform himself into a dragon. Haran Roeh starts a school for traps men.
550-561 -- King Muldo 40th and King Muldo 41st each die. One of Haran Roeh's descendants becomes Muldo 42nd.
561 -- Earliest mention of mysterious dark elf disappearances. These disappearances may be attributed to the Lalanthiki, another race of rats who inhabit a city beneath Tyrangel. First mention of Sorcerer Kings' secret society, The Convocation.
584 -- Drax Darshiva creates a Circle of Power in the keep to survive the change in the great Cycle of Ages. The circle remains unaltered by the sweeping magical changes.
590 -- Pollux develops or finds an alchemical formula that restores youth.
592 -- Sir Roderick Daleron slays Drax Darshiva, and the Kingdom of Evendarr assumes control of Drax's keep and the Vale of Tyrangel in February.
597 -- Some residents of the vale are exchanged with similar personages from another realm very similar to our own. The exchanged form of Evandolin Quintell, living and still loyal to the Rangers, reveals that his Count has made his keep in the same canyon where the Harbingers reside in Tyrangel. Evan's villainous Count is known to have destructive powers of the spirit associated with something known only as, "The Dark." Evan's stories lend credence to beliefs that the "dark enemies" of the first city may have influenced Pollux to evil after his establishment of the Dark Riders' base in the canyon in 503. Later, at the end of autumn, the spirit that bears the mantle of Macabre is set free. Lady Guildmistress Phyrra Tenshi of the Healers' Guild is given the choice of who will now become Macabre.
598 -- Pollux Obliterates one of the Harbingers, Ruen Athos, on April 17. Although Tyrangel believes Ruen's spirit rests in the Graveyard of the Four Winds, the pillar in the crevice near the Harbingers' keep actually traps Ruen's spirit, as well as that of his twin brother, Cervantes. Portents begin to show a coming war with spirits of the cardinal elements. Meanwhile, Sir Angus Tyrangel resurrects after the defeat of Macabre. He sacrifices his remaining life to allow the spirit of Dame Jera Williston of Marentha to be rescued from the Four Winds. In summertime, a temporal flux returns Drax Darshiva to power in Tyrangel for a short time. Eventually, elemental powers are manipulated to defeat the sorcerer once more. Evendarr defeats the Sorcerer King Tarlov Ghost Hand on the field in Volta, but not before he has set into motion what many believe is the third Dimensional Wars fought in Evendarr. Tyrangel forces commit to aid the fighting in neighboring Quentari, and battle scores of attacking elemental spirits in the vale itself. The ghost of Ruen Athos' appears in September and tells Tyrangel that the malevolent spirits in the pillar near the Harbingers' keep have been attempting to control Pollux's mind. That very night, the spirits of Evil take form and slay Pollux, who fails to resurrect. Many theorize the pillar traps his spirit as well as his servants'.

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